What Highly Successful Men Seek in a Woman

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What Highly Successful Men Seek in a Woman

by Olessia Kantor
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Men of high standards. Hard to attract, harder to keep. Many of my girlfriends and women I meet ask how to get a rich and successful guy. Riches and success are the focus points here. Not personality.

I decided long ago that I will cast no judgment, time makes everything right. However, here is a piece of advice for those who are still looking.

The right approach for those looking to get together with a “perfect” man is to take inventory of yourself. What exactly is it that you have that would attract a man you are looking for? What do you have to offer to the guy who is rich, successful, developed, self-actualized, smart and a vegetarian (civil rights activist/tennis player/stock broker – fill in the gap yourself)?

It’s not a provocative question. I am genuinely inquiring and prompting you to answer this very question honestly, like a woman who appreciates herself and knows her own worth.

Any relationship is an exchange. If the man gives you status, money, leads you to the path of enlightenment, fulfills your every wish and makes your life complete, what, as a woman, do you have to offer in return?

Many women I ask this question get insulted. Those who don’t, usually offer something along the lines of: I am smart, beautiful, fit and educated. I have a solid income, house and a job that fulfills me.

Let’s look at those qualities closely. There are a lot of beautiful women, of every type, shade and race. Many of those are also very smart, holding multiple degrees.

Being fit for most is a lifestyle. Good in bed – another popular answer – here the competition is huge, not mentioning that “good” doesn’t cover a wide variety of desires men have in this area.

Here is the list of questions to check off of:
1. Can you be a good listener with real interest in your eyes?
2. Can you see good qualities in a person, focus on them and admire them openly?
3. Can you inspire to achieve unreachable heights?
4. Can you keep silence when needed and let the man decide?
5. Are you an easy-going person, who is constantly in a good mood?
6. Are you a queen of the house and able to create a truly relaxing atmosphere at home?
7. Can enjoy life? Can you please the man while enjoying the process yourself?
8. Can you cook so heavenly that your kitchen becomes a Mecca among your friends?
9. Can you accept the man with all his shortcomings and advantages?
10. Can you be truly grateful for everything, even the little things?
11. Can you trust the man and follow him blindly?
12. Can you serve maintaining high level of self-confidence?

Can you answer yes to at least 5? If so – you are golden! You will definitely attract the man you want, because those are the qualities that make the modern woman unique and highly desirable.

If your highest values are beauty, smarts and fit body – most likely you will be used by men. If you believe that those are the most appreciated characteristics, why would any man try and touch your soul?

If you put main emphasis on your brain, then your relationships with men will be built on a friendship platform, based on the principles of equality. However, no adoration, romanticisms or caring can be expected.

Here is the synopsis of the qualities that truly matter in the relationships and that are sought after by successful men in women:
 Self-sufficiency
 Gratefulness
 Feeling of satisfaction with yourself
 Ability to see good in people and yourself
 Ability to always be in a good mood
 Ability to accept without judgment
 Interest in life and yourself
 Set goals in life
 Ability to enjoy life
 Ability to be quiet
 Acceptance and ability to follow
 Ability to communicate, listening without casting judgment or blame
 Ability to serve with self-confidence

Those are the qualities that will allow you to meet and, most importantly, keep a man of high standards, the one you set your mind to find. Still, I strongly suggest you seek and pray to welcome a true love to your life, not one based on money. You must look within yourself and seek the right person, not the right status or income bracket.