What a Girl Wants

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“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”

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What a Girl Wants

by Donovan West
Relationships Sex Poetry

Yelling and Screaming, we fight ALL THE TIME!

She'll run out the door screaming and crying. She's a little... dramatic, as I write this I laugh; she's a really sweet girl, just gets upset way too fast.


We’d met at Starbucks; while both in line. Looking over her shoulder her eyes met mine. At first I'm stunned; the only words that come to mind... was that her name had to be ticket, because this girl... was FINE.

She points to a booth, says “I’m sitting over there. Join me after you order, I have an extra chair.”

I say "Hold on girl, let's get one thing straight... I don't do hookups, I only do dates! We're kinda just strangers, we kinda just met; let's not rush into things we'll later regret. Let's start as friends, then see where it leads." Her laugh is genuine, her smile at ease.

I found out, she's there waiting for friends. They're law practice is stressful, they all needed sand. They all needed palm trees, hammocks and mojitos; six foot man candy, who could really rock some Speedos.

She tells me her story, and I tell her mine. We had something of a connection; end up losing track of time.

That’s until we're interrupted, because bursting through the door... Two girls stroll in with purpose; heels clicking on the floor. Her friends were here, we all shake hands. Offering my seat, I proceed to stand. And I'm thinking that it's time I hit the old dusty trail, like a desperado cowboy who just posted bail.

I tell em I had to go, “I'll leave you 3 alone.”
She's like “Cool, it was nice to meet you; save my number in your phone.”

Handing me her phone, and standing to her feet... She pseudo kisses my cheek, before retaking her seat.

I walk out the door, other things on my mind. She seemed super laid back... I decided to call her sometime.

Laid back..? Boy, was I wrong.

As time went on, I learned this wasn’t the fact. And that She’s a high energy type, with a propensity to act...out; throwing tantrums when we're alone. Why, within a period of only 6 months she's broken like 3 Iphones!

She's smart, she's attractive; to me she's a prize. But she has a thing for guys, who bring teardrops to her eyes.

She wanted me icy; the sex to be rough. I'm normally laid back so this transition was tough. But, I shut up and did it; yeah, I gave her a ride. I'd stay out all night, keeping girlfriends on the side. She'd bitch and cry; moan and groan; blow up my phone while waiting at home. She likes to throw things like plates, and chairs; screaming the whole time, that I'm not playing fair!


And only calm down, If I admit I was wrong. Then she'll slip into lingerie, after putting on our song.

She's wearing me down; I'm ready for change. I'm ready for peace, getting bored with the pain... that she needs just to feel alive and shit. Then I’ll look at that body, all sexy and shit; and I forget.

So you probably guessed it, no break ups tonight. Even if I did, she'd be more than alright. Might cry a bit, might sing the blues, but there's a list of guys to fill my shoes. So I'll give her the ride and not think too much. And just enjoy what happens, when we fight... and make up.

Donovan West is less a person, than he is an archetype. He is the embodiment of a "Gentleman Wolf." This is to say he has all the wit, charm and sophistication of a gentleman; as well as the unapologetic primal drive for sex; as the Wolf.   

He is driven by a fascination for, what he calls, " HIGH HEEL CULTURE." A high class society of sugarbabies, fashionistas, and femme fatales. They are the mirror image of the Mr. West archetype but as embodied by the feminine.

Age is but a number; power and social standing are prime motivations. Seduction, a weapon; love, fleeting.They carry no qualms about loving and leaving Mr. West.

His stories explore his life, his adventures, and the pain and pleasure of lessons learned.