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Visual Memory Training

by Enigma Life
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Take a small object (a coin, a ring, a watch) and study it in great detail for 1-1.5 minutes.

Notice the shape, material, size, color, and scratches.

Then, put the object away.

Now, write a detailed description of this object.

Compare the object with the description. Fill in all the missing details.

Continue this training with small objects for a week.

After that switch to more complicated objects (a book cover, a lamp, a bouquet of flowers, a sculpture).

Practice for a week. It’s very important to compare the original with the description.

The goal is to be able to describe any object in great detail after 1.5 minutes of studying it.

Now we can move to truly complicated objects, such as paintings.

When practicing with paintings, try to develop a sense of creative thinking. Start from analyzing the feelings the painting creates, then move to the mood it settles you into, and then move to the emotional state the painting puts you in. This is the key to remembering every minor detail of a painting.

Well-developed and emotionally analytical creative thinking will become a vital instrument when we start training the hypnotic skills.