Underscoring Intention with Color

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Underscoring Intention with Color

by Enigma Life
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In Introduction to Color Mantra, we learned how to channel a color during meditation. Now, we take the next step.

Aim: to use color to highlight our intentions while meditating.

There's meaning behind each color we channel. While we discussed this briefly previously, but here we'll elaborate on how we can help highlight our intentions by channeling a color.

Red: Red is the color of passion, action, ambition and determination. The red rose has origins tied to Aphrodite (the goddess of love) and, to the virtue and purity of The Virgin Mary. It is now a standard symbol of love and romance.

In the study of chakras, the color red symbolizes the root chakra. Here is where we find our grounding to the earth and our connection to reality. It is in this color zone that we connect to our core. This is our kundalini. Seeing red in a vehement argument is quite common as well.

Channeling red in meditation can help us find our inner passion. Red can also increase energy and enthusiasm. In ancient Chinese folklore, the color red was used to protect villagers from the Nian, a beast the feasted on human flesh. It is from here that red also came to be a color of protection. When meditating, channeling red can shield you from outside harm. Red can call your passion forward and give you the extra boost you need. It can help you gain enthusiasm for something that you otherwise might not appreciated.


Orange: The color orange-funny enough-relates to the “gut reaction”. It is the mix of the physical action found in red and the emotional reaction in yellow. Orange not only boosts the appetite but also provides emotional strength during difficult times. We bounce back better from disappointments, despair, or grief surrounded by this chipper color.

We associate orange with socializing and contentment. Orange is a sign of kinship to Native American tribes. Channeling orange during meditation can help provide the answer to a tough decision. Orange can also assist in gaining the energy to socialize, something that many people find draining and difficult to motivate themselves to do. Utilizing orange during meditation can also allow for feelings of satisfaction.


Yellow: Did you know when you present someone a bouquet of yellow roses, you are wishing them well? Or that in the ole west, a coward was commonly called "ole yellow"? Yellow is the most luminous on the spectrum, occurring in nature in sunflowers, egg yolks and lemons. It is the color of optimism, happiness and creativity.

Yet this color too has an underbelly: the color of a few diseases, cowardice, and betrayal. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the sources of yellow pigments are toxic metals- cadmium, lead, chrome and urine.

Channeling yellow during meditation can help you reach a feeling of positivity, clarity, happiness. By channeling yellow during meditation, you are centering yourself and bringing balance to your day-to-day life.


Green: Green is symbolic of so many things. Green is a staple of nature, growth, health, progress. Green is symbolic of eternal life in Japanese culture, the color of currency in the U.S., the royal color of the ancient Aztecs, and is the sacred color of Islam. Channeling green during meditation will put you in touch with the parts of yourself seeking growth, healing, and progress. 

Blue: Blue is associated with freedom and openness. Think of the beauty and expanse of the sky and sea. By channeling blue when you meditate, you are opening yourself up to possibility. Channeling blue can open you up to creative possibilities you've never experienced before.

Purple: Purple is often associated with spirituality and peace. Purple is often a royal color, as it was to the Caesars and in Japan. There's a common thread between the government and spirituality: the possibility of large-scale devotion and large-scale change. Channeling purple during meditation can help you garner the strength necessary to make some big changes. Bringing purple to your intention can bring you answers from a place of peace within that will help you experience peace externally.

Black: Black is a powerful color, commanding with its presence. It brings feelings of assertiveness and power. Black also represents emptiness and lacking. We associate black with mourning and loss. The common thread here is endlessness. Just as loss is an unending pain, black's commanding qualities also signify endless power. Channeling black during meditation is underlining your intention with force. It brings forth both the feeling of the infinite and the finite.

White: White is most often associated with purity, such as with the white dress of the virgin bride. White is a cleansing color. Channeling white during meditation can bring you to a place where you can have a fresh start.