Tips and Tricks to Being a Superstar


Tips and Tricks to Being a Superstar

by Enigma Life
Mind Professional

Last night around 11 PM, I received a call. It was unusual because my friends and family know I have a rule about being disturbed after sunset.  I knew that it had to be important if my phone rang that late. Looking at the screen of my phone, I saw the name of one of my closest friends.

"Is everything alright?" I asked without greeting.

"Olessia,” she was crying, “I yelled at my boss today. I couldn't control my anxiety and frustration. I’m afraid I have lost it all."

My friend is one of the most responsible, professional people I know, a true perfectionist. She is deeply loyal to her company culture, co-workers, and her job responsibilities. Lately, I often heard her complaining about the high levels of stress that she experienced while trying to juggle all of her roles: a good manager, good friend, good wife, good mother, a good person. Listening to her, I couldn't help but think "He who grasps at too much loses all." As my intuition had predicted, it had come to that for my dear friend.

It's important to remember that we ALL have our limits. When our resources are depleted we tend to act on impulse and can be swayed by desires, urges, and cravings. Often, we regret these impulses in the long run. The busier the people are, the more likely they are to behave impulsively. In moments of duress, we might even forget the names of people we know well. Therefore, it is extremely important to concentrate efforts on one or, at the most, a few goals at a time. It will increase the odds of success without the anxiety and pressure.

Dealing with daily stress cripples the prefrontal cortex, the brain's executive function that moderates concentration, planning, decision-making and judgment. If your life has multiple roles all requiring the utmost attention, it is critical for you to exercise, meditate, and positively reflect on your life daily.

Social events often come with alcohol consumption. You must be aware that intoxication reduces your resistance to temptation and weakens inhibitory control. Intoxication reduces self-awareness and narrows the scope of attention. As drinker’s awareness declines so does self-control. Avoid drinking alcohol excessively whenever possible.

Eat on time and watch your diet. Don't let your low blood sugar take control over you. Glucose is vital to your power. Evidence suggests that school children that skip breakfast perform worse on tests as opposed to those who have a snack beforehand, and adults are no different.

You must give yourself 7-9 hours of quality sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to a chronic state of ego depletion and poor performance at work and in personal life.

Finally, avoid unpleasant situations like my friend is facing now. Are you are the only responsible party?
You are a superstar. You know this! Take care of yourself accordingly and know that is ALL that matters.