The Scanning Gaze

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The Scanning Gaze

by Enigma Life
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Developing the scanning gaze will help you analyze and take control of any situation within seconds.

You will be able to catch the tiniest body movements and changes in your opponent’s mimic, as well as fluctuations in the space around you.

Stand up with your back firmly against the wall.

Start gliding your gaze along the opposite wall.

Left to right.

Right to left.

Upwards from the floor.

Downwards from the ceiling.

Circular motions.

Zigzag pattern.


Make sure to fix your gaze on all large objects and details on the way.

Continue the exercise until the feeling of fatigue.

Once you register the fatigue, let your gaze rest on one spot.

Continue further with the exercises after the pause.

Practice this 3 times a day. Within 2 weeks bring the number of repetitions up to 10.

The goal is to maintain a scanning gaze fatigue free for 15 minutes memorizing every single detail on the path of your gaze.

You will notice as early as 5 days into the exercise that your mind starts reacting to minuscule changes in the surroundings, analyzing whether there is a possible hazard for you.