The Mysterious Life and Death of Edgar Allan Poe

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The Mysterious Life and Death of Edgar Allan Poe

by Enigma Life
Legends The Horse You Came In On Baltimore Edgar Allan Poe Author

Edgar Allan Poe was a man that no biographer could do justice. To most, he was known as the father of the modern detective story, the first American literary critic, and a morbid figure that history has preserved. The legends surrounding Poe are plentiful. Particularly curious are the circumstances surrounding his death. 

Poe found himself in Baltimore, an area he'd called home for some time, just several days before he passed. He was in a deteriorated state after the death of his wife. He spent much of his time traveling from city to city, giving lectures and meeting with potential backers for a literary magazine project he'd been hoping to launch. While his stop in Baltimore was meant to only be a detour on the way to Philadelphia, it ended up being where he went missing for five days and was later found unconscious. 

Many believe that Poe visited his favorite watering hole, a saloon called The Horse You Came In On. It's believed that while on his way home from The Horse, Poe fell and was later found unconscious. The saloon, which is still in business to this day, openly welcomes a ghost which they call Edgar. Employees and patrons alike have shared their stories of paranormal occurrences, including doors slamming on their own, cash register drawers operating on their own, and chandeliers swinging when undisturbed. 

Admittedly, the legend is further fueled by an obituary and memoir written about Poe by literary rival Rufus Griswold. In an attempt to ruin his legacy, Griswold depicted Poe as a drunk, a womanizer, and a sick man who believed in nothing and had no one. While many people in present history believe this was Poe's demeanor, all can agree that Griswold fell short of ruining Poe's legacy by quite a bit.