The Importance of Being Present

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“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”

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The Importance of Being Present

by Olessia Kantor
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When I was a kid, my parents were always at work, so I went to all of the school and after school events by myself or with a friend's grandma. Looking back, it brings tears to my eyes still, sympathizing for this little girl that's parents never celebrated the achievements with her. She always wanted them to be proud of her, to tell her a word about how good she is at sports or music.

When my older daughter, who is in the army now, was a kid, I was always busy, building my career and providing financial stability for my little family. I was never by her side at any of the important life moments. I justified it to myself, that I worked hard for her, and made sure that from each of my trips I brought her back a present. She never remembered any of the dolls or games I spent money on trying to silence my guilt. She has memories similar to mine, when other friends had a whole family to support them, to share their pride and happiness and I wasn't. It took me years to regain her trust and faith in me again.

You don't have to learn this lesson the hard way.

Just BE there, be PRESENT. That's all they need. And that's what makes our life meaningful.