The Curse of the Hope Diamond

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The Curse of the Hope Diamond

by Olessia Kantor
Legends Experiences Hope Diamond Jewelry

Today I had an exciting opportunity to get front and center with one of my favorite gems. Legend has it that the curse of The Hope Diamond began when a Mr. Tavernier made a trip to India. He fell smitten with a large (112 3/16 carat) diamond sitting in the forehead of an Idol. It is because of his theft that the curse was born.

Making its way to France, It was recut for brilliance to hang upon the kings neck. During the French revolution of course, you know about the beheadings of king and queen for country. Lets fast forward to Henry Philip Hope whose name is the reason for this great diamonds name. His family fell into bankruptcy due to heavy gambling; he sold this priceless gem to settle his debt.

Evelyn Walsh Maclean bought the diamond (now in America thanks to jeweler Pierre Cartier) and lived the curse out in vigor. She believed that an object with a negative history could become a good luck charm. Her first son died in a car crash. Her daughter committed suicide and her husband was declared insane and confined to a mental institution.

This great gem now resides in the halls of the Smithsonian. I am reminded as I stare at its beauty the caution in the words, “ Where there is beauty there is trouble.”