The Art of Dismantling Your Fear

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“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”

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The Art of Dismantling Your Fear

by Olessia Kantor
Mind Wellness Fear

My girlfriend called me crying.

‘’Remember, the last time we met? I asked your opinion about my vision of all of these transitions that our company is going through, with the acquisition and a new management team?”

"Of course, I do," I responded wondering what happened, her ideas were brilliant.

"At a meeting with our new CEO, fear of failure overcame me. I couldn’t talk and so I asked my colleague to present our project. Although everybody knew that most of the ideas were mine, a day after the presentation that same colleague was promoted to be head of the department! Because of my fear, they got exactly what I worked so hard to receive."

My friend lost the opportunity that was intended for her simply because she let her fear become responsible for her decision and take control over her. Because of her fear, she was passed over while her confident colleague was rewarded and promoted. 

No one enters into adulthood unscarred. We have all been burned, so we all live with some varying degree of fear.

Whatever your fears may be, do not allow them to limit your ability to share your gifts, to love, and to make the world a better place.


Don’t spend another day trapped in fears' prison as both jailer and detainee.

1. Identify Your Fear. Give your fear a name. By naming your fear, you make a mouse out of a monster. Your fear is nothing more than an elementary school bully, nothing to be afraid of. You have a myriad of tools and assets at your disposal to cope with fear.

2. Imagine The Worst Case Scenario. A lot of people engage in catastrophic thinking because their fear overwhelms them. Take a pen and paper, write down what you fear happening. When you actually complete the scenario it seems less scary and from here you can build your defense or attack position better.

3. Adjust Your Perspective. Perhaps your most crippling fear is failure. Associate fear with the idea of learning. Every failure teaches you so much. Whenever you imagine an outcome that you consider a failure, take the time to reimagine it from the perspective that to fail is to learn.

4. Just Do It. Change your instinctual response to certain possibility; you eventually have to prove to yourself that you have no reason to be afraid. If you fear intimacy because you’ve been betrayed, part of the process of conquering that fear is to experience intimacy in a new way. Even if the relationship ends, take comfort in the fact that you’ve taken a step closer to owning your life again.

5. You Are Not A Prisoner. Think of fears as blocks that keep you away from exploring your full capabilities, loving and even leaving an indelible mark in the world. Isn’t this the greatest motivation to detox your life from fear?