The Art of Body Language

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The Art of Body Language

by Enigma Life
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Every day we are constantly throwing off a storm of signals. John Napier affirms: "If language was given to men to conceal their thoughts, then gestures' purpose was to disclose them." Gestures and micro expressions are the components that make up body language. It is so much a part of our biological heritage that 93% of how we chiefly communicate is non-verbal.

Our brains telegraph our intentions and reveal them physically even before we consciously notice it. Body language is a very effective instrument in building self-confidence and relationships. I'll give you five of the most interesting non-verbal cues that can cause a particular response in yourself or others. 

1. Powerful Posture Boosts Confidence.

Place your arms akimbo. This expansive power pose (think Wonder Woman standing with her hands on her hips and her legs wide apart) increases your level of testosterone, makes your presence felt. Consider this pose is often used by police and military while surveying people. Your feelings of self-confidence are strengthened.

2. The Power Of A Gaze.

All martial arts start with eye combat. Very often the one who won an eye duel wins the fight. Prolonged eye gazing is usually perceived as a threat. 

3. The Subtle Power Of Touch.

Studies in restaurants show that waitresses who lightly touched a patron received higher tips than those who didn't. Touch, if done subtly and not invasively, can signal liking and create a positive response in others.

4. Invading Someone's Personal Space.

We all carry a "bubble" of personal space around us. When someone gets into our bubble, we feel a sense of arousal. Depending on what emotions you want to provoke in your counterpart, crossing into their space can cause the person that is attracted to you feel love, anticipation, excitement, and stimulation. If the person is not attracted to you they may feel fear, irritation, intimidation and anger. By invading personal space, you are taking them out of their comfort zone.

5. Smiling.

Putting on a happy face can actually trigger a feeling of happiness. Regardless of your current emotions, the firing of facial muscles when you smile is linked to the actual experience of happiness. So smile and you feel more positive. As they say, when you smile the whole world smiles with you. Read more about the power of a smile here.

Become proactive and maneuver yourself, your relationships and any other situations by taking control of your body.