The 4 Secret Rules of Everyone Living Their Best Life

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The 4 Secret Rules of Everyone Living Their Best Life

by Olessia Kantor
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The idea of trying to live your best life may seem overwhelming. I often talk to many people who are filled to the brim with questions about whether what they are doing is right or wrong, what else they should be doing, and what they need to stop doing. 

When I tell people the truth, they seem to be in disbelief. Really, there are just four simple principles that the most fulfilled people all commonly live by!

1. Stay free of assumptions.
Assumptions are a one-way ticket to misunderstanding. It may be difficult and at times nerve wracking, but by asking questions instead of drawing conclusions, you bring yourself closer to the truth and farther from negativity and drama. 

2. Be your best.
This is hard because your best isn’t a stationary idea. Your best will fluctuate and grow as your life changes. What matters is that you take inventory in the moment of what the best decision you can make is, what the best thing you can do for you and the people you care about, and follow along that path. 

3. Speak with candor and virtue.
It is difficult not to get sucked into gossiping, or relaying details you may not have the authority to. However, living virtuously and to that end, speaking with virtue will get the respect and trust of those around you, for they will know that you only speak truly and lovingly. 

4. Don’t take offense to the actions of others.
The actions of others are the result of a multitude of things that are beyond your control. It is the result of the things that they feel and believe. Just as you didn’t do anything to cause these actions, you shouldn’t try to do anything to change them.

It may seem short and sweet, but it is anything but simple. Living your best life and following these rules takes mindfulness, day after day. Being conscious of your actions and how you can improve them will always lead you to a better quality of life and more joy in your days.