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Taking On Time Management

by Cameron Allen
Professional Time Management Skills

Time management is an essential skill for balancing work and life. It is important to always ask ourselves, “What are the best ways to make sure I have enough time to meet the goals set out in my workload and personal life?” Stress always comes into play no matter how you choose to perceive a situation. Even the simplest tasks can add up in ways that overwhelm the psyche and acts as stressors. The following article will go over ways to relieve stress by managing time wisely and review some of the best ways to schedule handling tasks, whether it be taking care of work, going to doctor’s appointments, or spending time with family.

No matter how stressful an engagement is perceived, when added altogether there are strategies to go about making what seems to be convoluted situations much easier.

Living in the 21st century we have the luxury of downloading apps or finding resources online. Your cellphone should be the easiest tool for setting up a schedule and calendar of events with these instruments. Whether it be through Samsung or an iPhone, the product has amenities for scheduling events. What used to be done on paper is now commonly taken care of in a digital medium. Not just telling you the dates of when an event is supposed to happen but allowing you take notes and listing off strategies for handling said affairs.

A calendar lets you know when bills are due, when to finish work assignments, go in for a doctor’s appointment, schedule dinner with family, or take medicine. When everything is up in the air you perceive it as overwhelming. The key is keeping track of when things are scheduled to occur and know how to take care of them.

A weekly or monthly planner also comes in handy. It’s important to tackle key events by knowing how to deal with them. We all feel blown away when something is not planned, even when it’s not an emergency. A great deal of relief is felt when we are in full control. Nothing is better than knowing how to carry an occurrence out and how much time it will take to get the work completed.

When finishing a project at work know who to contact, what portions need to be finished on certain days and how it will be presented to the rest of the team. A fun event like eating with family can also feel overwhelming at times. Get online and know where to go, what to eat, and list the conversations you need to have. Although family-time is meant to be relaxing, we also must remember that personal life should be balanced similarly to work. Even away from an office or sitting at a desk, we need to place limits on the amount of time away from work life. This is something we all need to remember.

Time management is one of the best ways to reduce stress and we all need to know easy ways to handle it. When we think of time management work normally comes to mind, but we can’t forget about personal relationships and business. These are simple ways to handle this valuable skill.

Cameron Allen is an Enigma contributor who writes articles on topics such as exercise, time management, literature and developing skills as a writer. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Journalism and minored in Communications