Soulmates Series: Part 3

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Soulmates Series: Part 3

by Olessia Kantor
Fiction Soulmates

In the beginning, was the ONE. It was infinite in all directions, neither male nor female. It was alone and loneliness is not good for the soul. Alone, the divine being yearned to love and be loved, to know and to be known, to touch and to be touched. So it split itself in two.

The male half we call Shiva. He is pure and formless. The female we call Shakti- our mother, who is matter, energy and form. Shiva and Shakti have always been one. They love each other so much that even a short moment of separation is terrible for them. They are like wetness that is never separate from water, sweetness that is never separate from sugar, and warmth that is never separate from sunlight. You see they appear as two in our eyes, but they are really one.