Soulmate Series: Part 2

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Soulmate Series: Part 2

by Olessia Kantor
Fiction Soulmates

And so it happened that Geb, the sky god and Nut, the earth goddess fell madly in love. Before they were discovered and were separated by Shu, the wind god, they had four children. Osiris and Isis were twins who bonded deeply and genuinely in the womb. They had a brother, Set and sister Nepthys.

As was custom, Osiris the first-born son, became King and married his sister Isis. Their love commanded respect and led to prosperity. Set, his heart darkened with jealousy for he could not garner the same respect as his brother, decided to make a move. Turning himself into a monster, he kidnapped and murdered his brother. Moreover, he cut Osiris’ body into 14 pieces. This ensured Osiris could never go into the world beyond nor share who had killed him.

With his brother’s death, Set quickly gained the throne. Nepthys became his wife.

Isis, a great magical goddess was beside herself in grief. Her sister, feeling for her decided to help the widow. Together they scoured the earth collecting Osiris piece by piece. With great love and care, Isis put her great love back together and in no time she bore them a child; a son. Horus.