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Women of Rome


by Jacopo Brogioni & Raffaele Timperi
Women of Rome Art History Rome

We're so excited to introduce the first piece in our featured series, Women of Rome. Women of Rome is a project that aims to narrate the city of Rome through the stories of the women who populate it. These women, their activities, and their very existence make Rome move, liven it up.

100 women with different backgrounds and perspcectives will share with us their unique relationship with the Eternal City, a place like no other in the world that has served as the stage for legendary narratives for nearly 3,000 years, from the Roman Republic to today.

The first woman we're featuring in our preview had to be an expert on the 2770 years of Roman history. She is a guide who speacializes in the secrets of the city Silvia is an art historian with a specialization in the restoration and preservation of art works. She has participated in many of the works of the Restoration of the Anteroom of Sistine Hall in the Vatican  Library. In addition to this activity, for more than 10 years, she accompanied small groups of tourists to discover Rome. This work required continuous study of the incalcuable archietctural, artistic, and historical treasures of the City. Her advise to the travelers who want to really know Rome? "Close your eyes and get los in the city, you will undoubtedly find something that will surprise you."