Pythagoras, Father of Numerology

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Pythagoras, Father of Numerology

by Enigma Life
Pythagoras Numerology Psychology

Did you know that the father of mathematics, Pythagoras, was considered an oracle of truth? In the course of his inspired life, Pythagoras demonstrated how each of the primary numbers (1-9) represented an aspect of universal energy, or what he termed, Universal Law.


He saw that numbers transcend the function of mere measurement, and considered them the original “articles” of creation, the primary conceptual tools of consciousness. He considered numbers to be the rational link between consciousness and matter, the connecting conceptual bridge between body and spirit, physics and metaphysics. Through numbers, he was able to understand and precisely articulate the conceptual framework of the universe. Unquestionably, the language of a number was present, operating everywhere, within everything, simultaneously.

Pythagoras spent the greater part of his life researching, developing, and teaching the subject of Numerology. He confirmed a direct relationship between the numbers in the date of birth and the living experiences of human individuals; a direct hook-up between numbers and human psychology. Perhaps even more startling, he proved a relationship between numbers and the letters of the alphabet and sought in various ways to demonstrate how the numbers within a given name precisely coincided with the various types of energies and qualities that were apparent in human behavior. After many years and countless experiments, a “Mathematics of the Soul” was clearly shown to exist, demonstrated by an application of simple formulas to an individual’s given name and date of birth.