Poseidon's Son

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Poseidon's Son

by Olessia Kantor
Legends Greek Mythology Pegasus Zeus Medusa Poseidon

Poseidon had striking blue eyes and a mane of sea-blue hair. He was a restless and moody god; one moment striking the waves and overthrowing ships, the next stilling the sea and raising Islands. Much like his brother Zeus, he had several consorts; but much unlike Zeus, Poseidon’s wife was not jealous. Let’s talk a bit more about that…

Once a beautiful, kindhearted maiden who meant little harm, Medusa commanded the hearts of many men unintentionally, making other women, including goddesses jealous of her. Poseidon, who thought that he deserved to have her, didn’t take too kindly to her refusal and raped her in Athena’s temple. This enraged Athena but rather than punishing Poseidon, she transformed Medusa’s hair to serpents and made her face so horrible to look upon that a mere glance would turn onlookers to stone. We all know the story of Perseus slaying her, but did you know that she was pregnant with Poseidon’s child at the time of her death? After being beheaded a beautiful, white, winged horse sprang from her body, Pegasus.