Pathway to Reinvention

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Pathway to Reinvention

by Kathleen M. Purcell,
Career Skills Personality Social Media

Social media opens the doors to reinvent yourself. Maybe you know a friend who has a dream job as a travel writer or a photographer and that got you thinking, “I bet I could do something like that.” With a computer, smart phone and social media you too could pursue your passions. Whether you want to share your enthusiasm over sci-fi or become a beauty blogger, it seems that social media gives just about anyone with a computer and camera the ability to share their ideas. Chances are your financial expertise or knitting know-how will enable you to crack open the door to reinvention.

The best part is that ageism may not be a road block for a blogger or freelancer. An older person may find it difficult to compete for the same job as a younger person, but social media gives many people the opportunity to start fresh. Even those in their 20s and 30s who have been working for a while can explore their passions.

Social media sites are filled with photos and tutorials on music, technology, and cooking. Right now I’m learning to play guitar from tutorials on YouTube. It’s less frustrating than going through a guitar book because I can watch a video over and over until I get a rhythm or chords right. I’m thrilled that someone has shared their talent—that someone could be you.

Reinvention takes work. There are many factors to consider. Sometimes the hardest part is self-discipline. Setting a schedule and carving out a workspace free from distractions is very helpful. There is no boss glancing over your shoulder, so keeping regular hours, prioritizing a to-do list and learning to say, “No” to others is vital. Another issue is giving up a steady income and health benefits, which can be daunting. If this stands in the way then experimenting with social media platforms first may help test out the waters before plunging in all the way. In addition to giving up a paycheck and benefits, a cash reserve will help fill the gaps of sporadic pay. Furthermore, money should be set aside for start-up costs like home office supplies, marketing, classes or workshops. While no longer tethered to a 9-to-5 job, people can strive for a more balanced lifestyle that builds on their career or new interests. However, traditional jobs provide a lot of social interaction, so keeping up with both personal and professional relationships is critical. One way to get in face-to-face time is by networking or participating in community events, which has the two-fold benefit of getting your name out there and connecting with others. With hard work and planning, dreams can become a reality.