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Parenting Online and Off

by Jevita Parkavi Naresh
Kids Parenting

Does the Bundle of Joy turn to a Pain in due course?!?!

"We welcome our 'Bundle of Joy'!” I find such statuses gracing all forms of Social Media, put up by the new generation parents, who celebrate the arrival of a new life in a most innovative and grand manner.

From the day a couple discovers that a new life is beginning its journey in the womb, we see them also beginning a new life along with the baby. And how the current generation treats the new arrival — pre-photo shoot, post-photo shoot, pregnancy videos, delivery videos — innovation at its height.

But, does all this happiness put forth last, or do parents really put forth this happiness even while bringing up the kids in this society? I recently encountered a family who had 2 kids, a boy around 10 years of age and a girl around 5 years of age. I was shopping with my 5-year-old daughter and suddenly heard a loud scream. The Mom was scolding the boy at the top of her voice right in midst of the supermarket and the boy didn't dare to look an inch away from his Mom’s eyes. I am not sure what offense the boy did, but the Mom was slapping and twisting his ears, least bothered about the surrounding and most of all, least bothered about her own son’s feelings. This incident totally shut my day down and I still feel pity for the boy, because after all those harsh words and slaps, the boy followed the Mom home. I can still remember the way the boy tried hard to control his tears, but poor thing, his mom wouldn’t stop till she saw tears rolling down his cheeks.

I did feel pity for the boy, but I felt more pity for the Mom because, that day he was not just following his Mom to home, but he had learned one hard lesson from his Mom, and the consequence of that lesson would definitely be hard on her in future.

Parents who celebrate the arrival of a New Life, fail to keep up the same feeling throughout their period of bringing their kids up in this vulnerable society. Kids do make mistakes and it is a responsibility of the parents to instill caution in them, but there are ways kids could be warned, tamed, and corrected.

We read and share a lot of Do’s and Don’ts about parenting in social media articles, but reading and sharing are of least use if we easily are prone to forget it in adverse situations, where we need to control our emotions and also be empathetic to our kids’ feeling. All these are definitely going to be a part of how a child is going to be transformed into an able citizen.

Parents of this generation are ready to spend money on kids but what stays more important is not the money, but it is the emotions that we need to invest in our kids, because money is perishable, and emotions are steadfast enough to keep relations together forever.
What you aow, so you REAP — we need to sow time for the kids, and so we’ll reap the same at our final days.

Jevita Parkavi Naresh is from the southern part of India and lives in Singapore. Basically a HR Professional, she gave up her job to be a full time stay home Mum for her 5 year old Daughter, because she believes that parental presence nourishes a child's wholesome growth. She is an excellent cook and knows 100's of Indian recipes and loves adding in new recipes to her listing. Writing is her passion and she uses this as a medium to express herself to the world.