Odysseus and Penelope

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Odysseus and Penelope

by Olessia Kantor
Legends Experiences Penelope Odysseus

Odysseus and Penelope enjoyed a very brief wedding celebration before he was sent off to war. Penelope and her young son were left in the Island of Ithaca with her father-in-law. Years of war raged and ravaged the land. Months after the war was over, there was still no word from Penelope’s husband. With no evidence that her husband was alive, many suitors showed up at her door seeking hand in marriage. She was beloved by her subjects, a fair and wise leader Moreover, her kingdom was wealthy. Penelope was suitable and worthy for many reasons.

To keep the peace and to give her husband more time to surface dead or alive, Penelope made a proclamation to her bevy of suitors. She needed to make a woven tapestry for her father-in-law. Blessed by Athena she made a tapestry of exquisite beauty every day. But at night, unbeknownst to her suitors, she would unravel all her work, delaying her progress and keeping the unwanted suitors at bay.

For 20 years, this couple withstood temptation, distance, and no cellphones to communicate! Finally, when her husband returned, he killed all the unwanted suitors and when they reunited their love was stronger than ever.