Nelson Mandela and The Art of Action

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“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”

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Nelson Mandela and The Art of Action

by Enigma Life
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Every great story on the planet happened when someone decided not to give up but kept going no matter what. Determination, perseverance and the confidence are the making of epic heroes. Here is my favorite example.

The Nobel Peace Prize of 1993 was one for the books. Apartheid had been brought to the attention of the world because of the efforts made by two great men. Nelson Mandela and F.W de Klerk were awarded for their efforts; but let us go back a bit.

Born to a poor family in a village in South Africa, Mandela was adopted by a chief after his father’s untimely death. Much like Moses taken into the pharaoh’s home, Mandela was given the same status as the regent’s children. He developed an interest in African history, choosing to partake in the elaborate ritual of circumcision. It was during this ceremony that the chief spoke to the young men, lamenting of the promises that had been handed down for eons from generation to generation, now squandered as they struggled to make a living performing mindless chores for the white man. Mandela’s resolve for an independent South Africa bubbled up as he heard those words.

After joining the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, Mandela became actively involved in the anti-apartheid movement. For 20 years, Mandela directed peaceful, nonviolent acts of defiance against the South African government and its racist policies, including the 1952 Defiance Campaign and the 1955 Congress of the People. After his arrest and imprisonment, Mandela began to believe that armed struggle was the only way to achieve change. Incarcerated on Robben Island, Mandel continued to be such a potent symbol of black resistance that coordinated international campaign for his release was launched, and this international groundswell of support exemplified the power and esteem that Mandela had in the global political community.

There are volumes of books about this great leader’s contribution to South Africa, and the world. He allowed a single thought to drive his life purpose. Despite the struggles, the opposition and even the tempting easy way out- offered for his freedom, Nelson Mandela stood firm.

This is precisely the question everyone should be asking - why the hell not ? Why not you? Why not now?