My 7 Day Silent Meditation Journey

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My 7 Day Silent Meditation Journey

by Olessia Kantor
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My seven day Silent Meditation Journey is complete! I had always known the importance of quiet time, but I never realized what this could do for me. I felt free of anxiety in a way I hadn’t my whole life. I was able to clear my mind and find an internal balance that I didn’t know I was capable of. It was a truly eye-opening experience, although admittedly not easy. Here’s how I felt each day:

Day 1: As a mother of four with a hectic schedule, I welcome the reprieve silence had to offer.

Day 2: The joy of silence wore off and was replaced with anxiety. We so often associate silence with negativity that I couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong. I also found myself made anxious by the inability to check my email and social media accounts.

Day 3: I channeled the power of breathing to get through the remainder of my anxiousness. I would use techniques I’ve learned to get myself where it was too quiet and my heart was pounding.

Day 4: The anxiety gave way to an incredible clarity. I was able to focus on myself and all the ways my body worked to keep me alive. I finally began to feel peace.

Day 5: I took my introspection a step further in order to realize my deepest desires. My accomplishments became doors opening up more possibilities for me as I realized all the things I still strive to do.

Day 6: I felt entirely reconnected to my deepest, truest self. I was able to realize all the things that are already a part of my life that make me happy. I was able to identify the things I could do to increase my happiness as well.

Day 7: Sadly, I knew my journey in silence was coming to an end, but I was dedicated to finding a way to bring this peace back with me.

That’s when I realized something I thought I already knew. I’ve spoken about the importance of quiet time and meditation before, but I understand it differently now. It’s about so much more than inner peace. It’s about the realization of yourself as you are in the moment, and how you wish to be. It’s about aspirations, dreams, goals, and knowing that at your core, you’re unstoppable, as long as you take the right steps.