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Meditative Mind Preparation

by Enigma Life
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Aim: to fill your mind with a single thought, your mantra.

This task will allow your mind to shut out stimuli from within and from your environment. In this case, all blocked information goes straight to the subconscious and your conscious becomes wide open for accepting a wider information current.

Wait at least 20 minutes after breakfast. Start breathing exercises while commuting to work.

  • Take a deep breath in. Visualize the air circulating in your body. Don't let the air linger in your lungs. Exhale right away, visualizing the air cycling its way out of your body.

  • Now that you've completed your first deep inhale/exhale sequence, there is no need to focus on controlling your breathing. Resume breathing naturally. Continue to visualize the air circulating as you inhale and exhale. It helps to think the words as they happen. This technique will assist in keeping your mind from wandering.

  • As you continue, the words will disappear and you will effortlessly breathe and visualize the air circulating your body. 

When the words disappear, you know that your mind and conscious have been thoroughly trained. 

This skills learned in this exercise are useful to switch off emotions and shut out exterior distractions in sexonds and This exercise will allow you to switch the emotions and any exterior distractions off in seconds in any critical situation and analyze it.