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Jacopo Brogioni

by Enigma Life
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Jacopo Brogioni, born in Rome on the 26th of May, 1990.
A still photographer, a travel photographer.

He collaborated with the most important Italian cinematic productions such as IndigoFilm, Endemol, Palomar and Lux.
Jacopo is enlightened by a voracious curiosity, he loves to travel and learn.
Taking advantage of every possible occasion, whether professional or not, to explore and portray the world, searching for contact and confrontations with diverse cultures and social microcosms.

Each journey becomes a project and every country is a vast set in which he depicts stories of daily life. His style concentrates around the essentialness of individual beauty in its geographical and historical context.

He sees the reality that surrounds him as an endless cinematographic set, becoming invisible to portray the authenticity of the moment, without influencing with his presence, the unfolding of reality. 

In a glimpse of the eyes in his portraits, he is able to profoundly communicate character and cultural differences. His most important travels have led him to Cuba, Ecuador, China, North Korea and Nepal.

At the core of “Bring Back Those Colours” is in fact his experience in Nepal; a project in favour of UNICEF, supporting a population that was torn apart by the numerous earthquakes that occured in 2015. The photographic exhibition was presented at MAXXI in Rome and at EXPO2015 in Milan at the Russian and Nepalese pavilions.
In 2016 he started collaborating as a still photographer in Bollywood movies, dealing and approaching the extremely stimulating and culturally diverse Indian work environment.

At the age of 26 he is able to acclaim an abundance of works in TV sets and TV series, including important RAI fictions.

His passion and curiosity allowed him to participate as director of photography in numerous projects such as Rooftop; an independent Web Series presented at the Giffoni Film Festival.  

Jacopo is currently bringing forward a photographic project on North Korea and has started a collaboration with the Treccani Italian Enciclopedia Institute, with whom he has worked on the recent photographic project on central Italy's cultural heritage hit by last autumn's earthquakes and with which in 2017 he will commence a project on Rome told through women's perspectives.

In 2016 he was inserted within the photographers that have illustrated “Una storia bellissima” ( a beautiful story ) published by UNICEF and Ansa; a iconographic photo-journey dedicated to the 70 years of the United Nations Fund for Children.