Introduction to Color Mantra

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Introduction to Color Mantra

by Enigma Life
Tutorials Color Mantra Intention Relaxation

Aim: The goal is to control your mood. This exercise is designed to assist in reaching a state of elation and deep relaxation.

Begin by centering yourself. You can close your eyes or keep them open if you choose. Imagine a certain color: red, yellow or orange.

To begin with, concentrate on this color for 1 minute.

Take a 1-minute break.

Do it 2 more times.

Repeat 3 times daily for a week.

Increase the time up to 2 minutes, going up to 5 minutes as a goal.

Quite soon you will feel that looking at the red, orange or yellow is associated with warmth that in term creates an emotional uprising.

Green and blue create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Blue and purple create a feeling of coldness, necessary for protection of the energy field against an aggressive emotional attack.