How to Get Rid of Unwanted Spirits in Your Home

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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Spirits in Your Home

by Zoya Gervis,
Home Paranormal Spirituality Spirit

Many people will at one point or another experience strange noises and activities within their home. This could range from things like cabinets opening and closing unassisted to strange noises at certain times of the day. Regardless of the situation, spirits are typically the ones to blame for the strange sounds within your home. The only way to rid your home of these spirits is by following this easy to use guide.

The Cleansing
First and foremost, it is imperative that a cleanse is conducted. Cleansing the area you want to focus on is the first step towards creating a more peaceful environment. In fact, many people within the spiritual wellness community believe that everyone should cleanse their homes at least once a month just to give it a nice refresh and ensure that there is no negative or toxic energy stuck within the walls. There are a few different ways to cleanse your home:

· Smudging: Probably the most common that many have heard of, smudging uses the burning of sage to eliminate any harbored spirits. Not only is smudging used to rid homes of negative energy but it can also be used to cleanse individuals who feel like they have been cursed with a bout of negativity.

· Prayer: Another more common method of cleansing is sitting down to pray. This is a very spiritual practice that only believers will be able to do. However, playing with the combination of smudging and prayer can really do wonders when it comes to eliminating unwanted spirits from a home. While walking around the room with the burning herbs, consider reciting mantras or saying prayers that are positive and uplifting to get rid of the negative spirits haunting your home.

· Casting A Circle: We now have run into the less commonly heard of cleansing practices. Casting a circle is quite simple. It takes a few people, holding hands in a circle. The circle is able to hold energy that is being given off which should be positive when talking about cleansing spaces. Cultivating positive energy like this within a home works together to get rid of the negative energy as well.

Communication Is Key
Just like with living beings, communication continues to be key with spirits as well. In fact, asking the spirits to leave is the first step towards getting rid of them. Another way to communicate to the unwanted spirits is to simply order them to leave. Being assertive can hold a lot of power and can scare the spirits away. By ordering the spirit to leave while simultaneously cleansing the space with either smudging, prayer, or a combination of the two, the spirit is forced out by all the purification and positivity that is being harnessed within the space.

Banish The Spirit When Necessary
There are some spirits who are stubborn and have a difficult time leaving our precious and sacred spaces. As a result, there may be times when extreme measures are needed to fully eliminate a spirit that has been causing us stress and problems. There are some banishing spells that many spiritual practitioners are able to perform to eliminate the spirits from your home.

Bottom Line
Having the feeling that there are some spirits living in your space is definitely the time to take action, be proactive, and get rid of them once and for all. All it takes is some cleansing and ritualistic methods to clear your home so that you can begin to rest easy and cultivate positivity into your life. Because in the end, when our homes are a space that brings us joy, life begins to work in miraculous ways to mirror our energies.