How I Accidentally Became a Crazy Cat Lady

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How I Accidentally Became a Crazy Cat Lady

by Bonnie Small,
Family Pets

I am an animal person. Self-confessed, very aware of my own shortcomings in the area, and well aware that – at some point in their lives – at least 3 out of my 4 children are going to present me with an animal and that “Please Mum” look on their little faces. I mean, they are related to me, so it is bound to happen, right?



But what I was NOT expecting, was that the first of my children to bring me a stray, would end up being my 5 year old, ginger and white (former) tom, Ninja.

We got Ninja from the Animal Welfare League, and hubby had mentioned that Ninja had brought a friend back from one of his outings the other week. I didn’t think much of it until I spotted a ‘little’ black cat (and I use the term comparatively, Ninja weighs 7 plus kilos, which makes the black cat a fairly sizeable 5 kilos or thereabouts) outside our dining room window the other night. I remembered my husband telling me that Ninja had been trying to bring his friend inside, but hubby stopped him, and I realised that this must be said ‘friend’. So I put out a little dish of food, but the cat was long gone by the time I filled the bowl, and I brought it in as it started to rain.

A few days went by, and hubby came in at Stupid O’Clock when he got up for work and informed me that Ninja was trying to bring his little friend inside again. So I mumbled about the bowl and told him to go feed the cat. As he kissed me goodbye, hubby informed me that the black cat “smashed” the food down and had even let hubby pat him.

So last night comes around, and as I was just about to go to bed, I spotted the black cat outside the kitchen window, so I filled up a bowl and opened to door to feed him. As I slid open the door, however, in came Ninja AND the black cat. Hubby and I had been discussing him the day before, and we had decided to name him “Sabbath” – “Ozzy” seemed like more of a dog’s name – should he ever decide to come back. Well, here he was, meowing and hungry. Being super tired, I decided to just let him spend the night, and figure it out in the morning. Of course, hubby had gone to sleep a good hour or so before all of this happened, so he knew nothing of it until this morning.

As hubby got up, I heard crazy amounts of meowing (not unusual, as Ninja is ‘his’ cat, and often talks to him), then I heard him mumble sleepily “yes, yes, all right” followed by a VERY awake “wait, who the f--- are you?!!”

After another feed, a fight with our other cat, Demon the Obese, Toothless Wonder (another rescue that I found living in a mate’s incinerator), and some more cuddles this morning, Sabbath took off, towards the wheat field next to our house. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if he comes back tonight, and to find out if we now have 3 cats.