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“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”

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by Drue Ogden,

Longing for freedom
I can feel it in my heart
Married to my ideas

That pulsate through my brain
I’ve tried and failed
My thoughts to rearrange

Looking forward to days with rain
Breathing in the dew drops
Leaves kissing the ground
Sticky cleanliness that surrounds

Trapped in a manmade web
Caged and fed
If you don’t comply
You simply die

Do not kiss their feet
And then you wept
For love and hunger consume
My mind abloom

My mouth shut
My speech was stolen from my core
My eyes burn
Everything is sore

Freedom is rich
High prices paid
Would you wager your life
For the right to bare soul

The right to live weightless
No thumb down on me
Squeezing out my creativity
Robbing my exhales

Surrender to you
Erase my vision
Cleanse my palette
I’ll never be them

I am free
I am me