Death of The Dead (The Power of Death and Rebirth)

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Death of The Dead (The Power of Death and Rebirth)

by Rob Jenkins,
Rebirth Death

I came up with the title for my latest book; Death of the Dead with the idea that where ever there is death…there is rebirth. And through that rebirth, death dies in a way. For those of you familiar with the Tarot, you know that the Death card doesn't represent an absolute end but rather a brand new beginning. For those familiar with astrology, you know the planet Pluto represent death but with it, rebirth and transformation. And any scientist familiar with how energy works could tell you, that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred. I believe this is how all things work at a base level. What we call life and what we call death seems to only be a cycle. The cycle of life. The cycle of death. The changing of seasons was looked at like this, with winter being a symbolic death and spring being the rebirth. It’s no coincidence that we celebrate Easter at the time we do. Easter, being a holiday celebrated within the beginning days of spring. The holiday of Easter also representing the day Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead.

With every death and rebirth there seems to be a renewing, a powerful spring forward (hence why we call the season “Spring” and by relation I am sure you can guess why we call that other season “Fall”.) There is a new power gained, a fresh awareness, a transformation. The Egyptian God, Osiris was murdered by his brother, Set only to be transformed into the new king of the underworld. The Norse God Odin is said to have sacrificed himself to into the depths of death, hanging himself for nine days, only to return to life with profound wisdom and new insights. Jesus is said to have risen from the grave with “all power in his hands.” In fact, I believe the story of Jesus’ death and rebirth very much reflects where I am going with this. According to the gospels in the bible, Jesus was put to death and crucified on the cross for the sins of the world. Upon Jesus’ death, his soul descended into hell where he confronted and defeated the devil. Upon his victory over Hell, he was resurrected in a renewed form.

The concept for my book Death of The Dead was created with the idea that all of these stories and myths are also representative of things that happen in our internal life, the events that happen within us. For those who read my article Depression, Anxiety and Flow States (link here), you will know that I struggled with depression and anxiety throughout my life. This struggle reached a peak for me during my sophomore year in college, when I no longer wanted to live. I contribute a paradigm shift happening in my life to a Flow State I experienced while I was writing a story but I also must contribute this shift to one element I feel was a major key in the process of healing my depression/anxiety. When I was writing these stories I was writing about what I was feeling and because of that, I had to be present with what I felt. The flow state I was experiencing at the time, only made this feeling of presence more intense and it was within that intensity that I realized how truly disconnected from myself I had been for so long.

This was the major lesson I got from that Flow State, the wisdom that in order to heal myself, I had to be present with the emotions I was feeling. I had to dive into them. This was a scary thought for me at the time. To know that I had to be in the “here and now” with feelings that felt quite uncomfortable. But, at the time it was either that…or kill myself. And so, it became a routine for me. I had made a commitment to be present with my depression or anxiety whenever I felt it. This was not an easy. Many times it felt like I was walking willfully into hell. But every time I did this exercise, the clarity I had by the end was astonishing. It became more and more apparent to me that my emotions had an intelligence to them. I wasn’t just feeling what I was feeling for no reason. My emotions had messages for me that it needed me to hear, I just had to be still and listen.

In the forward to Death of The Dead, I mention how we are living in an emotional dark age. A large majority of the world doesn’t really understand how important being present with their emotions is. We are taught to not feel. We are taught that our emotions are burdens, they only get in age way. We are taught they are irrational. We are taught to numb ourselves, distract ourselves and bypass ourselves in order to function in the society we have built today. I feel this is because we subtly know the difficulty of this path because many times, the emotions we aren’t trying to be present with, are the emotions that are painful to feel. It’s not smooth sailing to be present with these emotions, to journey into the depths your personal Hell and to confront your devils. But I am here to tell you, the only way to truly heal is to be present with what is hurt. As you give your pain your undivided attention it needs and allow yourself to burn in the flames of your hellfire, you also give yourself the opportunity to rise from those flames like the phoenix, reborn, transformed and restored.

PS. This is not something you have to do alone. I am currently opening a business as an emotional consultant. An emotional consultant is someone who helps you understand your emotions then with the insight gained from that understanding, helps strategize a course of action as a new way for that individual to move forward with a new or renewed understanding of themselves. In addition to this, I am launching a college tour centered around Death of The Dead, at which I will travel around the country to different colleges talking about the importance of emotions.

If you would like to know more about my emotion consultant work or the college tour, please be sure to email me at