Cronus, Master of Time

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Cronus, Master of Time

by Olessia Kantor
Aphrodite Cyclops Titans Zeus

To understand Zeus, you have to back away to the old gods and especially his parents. So let us go back to the beginning, according to Greek myth.

In the beginning there was only Chaos. Out of this nothingness came light, Gaia, and Uranus, the sky. Together they created the first beings, a set of sextuplets called the Titans. Cronus and Rhea were amongst them.

The Cyclopes were born after the Titans. They were giants with fifty heads and one hundred arms. Uranus disliked these children and made his wife carry them back in her womb. Angered and vengeful, Gaia made a plan to take revenge on her cruel husband. She called upon the Titans to help her. The youngest (Cronus-master of time) came to her side. With Gaia’s help he created a sickle and cut off his fathers’ genitals and cast them into the sea.

Many say that this blood in the sea created Aphrodite.

Upon his victory, Cronus married Rhea and stepped into the mantle as ruler. 

Cronus had six children. Fearing that they too would overthrow him as he had so viciously done to his father, he would swallow his children at childbirth. Rhea his wife finally grew tired of missing her children and decided, when she got pregnant, to hide her son. Lying to Cronus that the child had died at childbirth, she tricked Cronus into swallowing a stone.

Now, I have already told you about Zeus and his epic battle to rule Mt. Olympus. When he was victorious he gave his brothers realms to rule. Hades got to rule the underworld with his three headed dog- Cerberus. And Poseidon went to become the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses.

Upon his arrival to the sea realm, Nereus the Old Man of the Sea, gave him a daughter (sea-nymph Amphitrite) to wed and relinquished his throne. Poseidon's weapon was The Trident. It was a three-pronged spear made of gold, used for fishing, creating earthquakes and shattering objects.