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Attention Training

by Enigma Life
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Every day, we are surrounded by a flood of images and a wealth of objects. Even when we find something eye-catching, I find that we can quickly forget the finer points of it. When we attempt to recall what something looked like, we find it hard to get a clear picture. The answer to this to strengthen your mind’s ability to examine and retain details. 

Choose an object or image near you. 

Study it closely for approximately a minute or two.  Examine it from different angles and perspectives if you like.

Close your eyes for up to two minutes and try to recreate an image of the object in your mind to the finest detail.

Open your eyes, look at the object, and take note of what features you omitted.

Close your eyes for another minute or two and try reimagining the object, now adding the qualities you missed previously.

Repeat 5 times.

After only a few weeks of diligent training, you will develop the ability to see and memorize objects with striking accuracy.