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A Space for Creativity

by Enigma Life
Promoting Arts Mind Wellness Organization

When studying the minds of the most creative and effective people of the world, scientist found that they all engage in two things: participating in life, and isolation to boost creativity. Part of this isolation involves not just being one with nature but creating a sanctuary for self- a place to rest, recharge and be inspired. Here are some key tools to help you along.

First, study some feng shui. This is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing self and environment. Sure, it was a popular trend years ago, but has fallen into the way lines as the world gravitates to new and hipper trends. However, having a place for everything and everything in its place, allows for the eyes to rest and the brain to calm.

Clearing clutter, creating flow and making sure you have good quality air and light are just the beginning. Begin to think about the colors you have in the three primary areas that define and encourage safe space: your bedroom (rest and access to spirit), your kitchen (caring for your body and energy) and finally your bathroom (we can all agree this is the best mind creativity tool- a good shower). Getting things in order, placing rewards and treats for yourself in these key areas (for when you have had a rough day or when you have done something worth celebrating) will lead to a new awareness of who you invite and allow into your sacred and personal space. This is the final step…safeguarding your hub of rejuvenating energy from those who will bring negativity, thus corrupting all your hard work.