A Love That Made an Egyptian God

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A Love That Made an Egyptian God

by Olessia Kantor
Legends Experiences Egypt Horus Nepthys Set Osiris Nut Geb

And so it happened that Geb, the sky god, and Nut, the earth goddess, fell madly in love. Before they were discovered and were separated by Shu, the wind god, they had four children. Osiris and Isis were twins who bonded deeply in the womb. They had a brother, Set and sister Nepthys.

As was custom, Osiris the first-born son, became King and married his sister Isis. Their love commanded respect and led to prosperity. Set's heart was darkened with jealousy. He could not garner the same respect as his brother, and he lusted for the power to rule.

Turning himself into a monster, he kidnapped and murdered his brother. Moreover, he cut Osiris’ body into 14 pieces and scattered them across the earth. This ensured Osiris could never share who had killed him. With his brother’s death, Set naturally gained the throne. Nepthys became his wife.

Isis, a great magical goddess was beside herself in grief. Her sister, feeling for her decided to help. Together they scoured the earth collecting Osiris piece by piece. With great love and care, Isis put her great love back together.

The love between Isis and Osiris went beyond the veil of death. Even as a sewn up god, put together by his loving wife, Osiris was not only able to copulate their reunion but to create within his wife, a child; a son. Then with greatness and grace Osiris descended into the underworld and became its ruler.

Horus is the hawk-god. As an adult he petitioned the gods to be rightful ruler of Egypt, as son to the Pharaoh. There was a lot of debate among the gods. They could find no resolution. Set decided to create a series of contests, and the winner would become king.

Again, the contests were between Set (Osiris’ bother) and Horus (Osiris’ son)

The problem with these tie-breaking contests was that Set did not play fair. Incensed with his dirty tricks, Isis set a trap and captured Set. He begged for mercy and she let him out, but as we know- you cant change the spots on a cheetah. When Horus found out he was absolutely livid! He felt betrayed! His mother had captured and released his nemesis! The gods did not take kindly to his behavior towards the woman who had gone far and beyond to give him life. To ease things, they decided that Set could pick one final race. Showing his wisdom, he picked a boat race. Oh, he wanted them to race boats made of stone!

This time round, Horus built a wood boat and covered it with limestone. Set used the top of a mountain as a boat. As the laws of physics dictate, his boat sunk almost immediately. Angry and a sore loser, Set transformed himself into a Hippo in hopes of sinking the other boat. In a rage, Horus set after the Hippo but the gods stopped him from killing Set. The gods were sympathetic to Horus but they would not soon forget his wrath to his mother when he felt slighted.

A tribunal was required. The gods decided to write and send a letter to Osiris about the situation. Osiris responded with a definite answer: his son was the rightful king and should be placed upon the throne. No one should take the throne of Egypt through murder, as Set had done. Horus did not kill anyone and thusly the better candidate. The sun and the stars who were Osiris’ allies descended into the underworld leaving the world in darkness until the gods had come to a decision. Finally, the gods unanimously agreed that Horus would claim his birthright as King of Egypt.