7 Health Benefits of the Sea and Sun

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7 Health Benefits of the Sea and Sun

by Olessia Kantor
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When it comes to vacations, I love nothing more than to be by water. I love the feeling of the ocean waves lapping against my body. I adore taking in the sound of it as the sun beats down on me. If you're like me, there's some good news: there are benefits to you love of the sun and the sea. Here are a few!

1. Sun exposure helps our bodies make vitamin D, which assists with calcium absorption and building strong bones.
2. Sun exposure has been shown to increase endorphin production and possibly aid in the prevention of autoimmune diseases.
3. The sea contains high levels of various minerals — including magnesium, potassium and iodine — which may help fight infection, offer therapeutic effects, and potentially help the body heal and detoxify.
4. Swimming is linked to decreased stress and increased sense of well-being.
5. Swimming provides excellent physical exercise, employing most of our major muscle groups. 
6. Fresh sea air is packed with healthy negative ions that boost our ability to absorb oxygen, balancing our serotonin levels. This makes us more relaxed, yet alert and energized. 
7. Sun can help treat certain skin diseases. Controlled amounts of sun rays can be good for those who have psoriasis. The ultra violet radiation of the sun rays help make the skin dry and flaky faster, allowing for new skin to replace the dead ones.