7 Benefits of Early Music Education

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7 Benefits of Early Music Education

by Olessia Kantor
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It was such an inspiring morning at my home!

Kids and adults of all ages gathered for an amazing musical experience. I always say that nothing is better than a shared passion. Shared interests help form a bond and keep the family together.

Here are another 7 benefits of early music education:

1. Music education helps build memory,
2. Children who participate in musical education at an early age develop better hand-eye coordination.
3. It has been found that children who play an instrument are more emotionally aware, more empathetic, have higher self-esteem, and are less anxious.
4. Children who become interested in the instrument they're learning are also learning discipline and time management skills via the need to practice.
5. A musical education helps exercise the same area of the brain responsible for language and reasoning.
6. Learning music teaches children a sense of achievement once they've hit a milestone.
7. A musical education helps develop the visualization and spatial intelligence, which help in other subject areas and can eventually lead to higher test scores.