6 Reasons Why It's Important to Relax

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6 Reasons Why It's Important to Relax

by Olessia Kantor
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In a workaholic society, it can be hard to find a minute to have for yourself. We are constantly reminded that every moment where we aren't working is a moment wasted, but is it really? Not in my opinion, that's for certain. To me, the time I spend with my family is most important. Time for myself, however, is sparse. On days like this, where I'm halfway through a chaotic week with no reprieve in sight, I remind myself on why it is important to find a moment to myself to relax.

1. Relaxation keeps your stress levels down. Taking the time to relax every day keeps stress from overwhelming you.
2. Relaxing helps you sleep better by putting your body in the proper state to get quality sleep.
3. Relaxing keeps your mood up by helping your manage stress and anxiety. It takes practice, but it is worthwhile.
4. Relaxation helps improve memory and concentration through improving sleep!
5. Relaxing helps fend off physical illness by giving your body the chance to recharge.
6. You'll enjoy a nice, relaxing day!