5 Steps to Securing Male Desire

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5 Steps to Securing Male Desire

by Enigma Life
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Ladies, as the new year approaches, I'd like to help you create an amazing relationship with the right man. The one that brings out the best in YOU. I'll share with you secrets that will keep your man feelings intense.

You are ready to make a commitment to creating a life you always wanted and deserve completely. There are 5 critical elements that you must understand when it comes to a relationship with a man:


But before all that, how do you trigger that long lasting attraction? There are certain triggers that make men want to move on a deeper level with a partner.

1. Be positive.

You might not be the most beautiful woman in the room, but men always feel positive energy that you emit. They can relate to it and it attracts them.

Being positive is the fastest way to make a man connect to you and want more of you in his life.

2. Be flexible.

Most of the time.

It's important that you show enough flexibility when it comes to social engagements. Seeing you excited about the plans he made, makes a man feel good about himself. Men, especially of high-power and stress careers, can't take the pressure and anxiety coming from their partner.

However, they also respect a woman who sets boundaries and states clearly what is not in agreement with her. You don't want to become a doormat of a person who needs his approval on everything.

You want to portrait the image of a confident and fun-loving woman who understands the notion of compromise.

 3. Get a life.

 Develop and maintain your OWN interests, hobbies and friends.

Don't put the burden of responsibility for your happiness on him.

Be the creator of your own happiness and your man won't feel obligated to spend more time with you, he will WANT it.

 4. Don’t force.

 Let your man make up his own mind. Don't try to push him DO something he doesn't want.

If a man feels disrespected and misunderstood - he will just withdraw from you, so he doesn't feel FORCED to do things he doesn't want to do.

Instead, let him know how happy he will make you if he does something. He will feel your trust in him, and your vulnerability will give him a natural inclination to do as you are pleased.

 5. Love yourself.

 Always remember that the way you feel and talk about yourself is how a man perceives you.

Don't talk negatively about yourself.

Don't criticize your weight or wrinkles.

You are amazing.

That’s the only thing that matters.

Love yourself inside and out and he will worship you forever.

Be this kind of woman that any guy wants to be with, commit and keep for life.

He will be thinking of you but what he will be thinking totally depends on you.

Love yourself in order for him to fall in love with you. It matters!