5 Culture Questions That Will Tell You If Its the Job for You


5 Culture Questions That Will Tell You If Its the Job for You

by Olessia Kantor
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After hours spent meticulously fine-tuning your cover letter and resume, you have finally scored an elusive interview with the employer of your dreams. Sure, we'd all like to be earning more, but there still lies the age old question, can money buy happiness? I am sure, you know the answer.

That's why you have to look passed pay grades during the interviewing process. It's critically important that when you look into a company, you question and confirm that the company culture is in line with your personal values.

Here are some questions that can give you an indication of company culture.

Culture Question #1: What is the difference between a good employee in this role and a fantastic one?

If you value innovation and creativity, this question can give you an idea of how much those things are valued by your prospective employer. If you're more analytical, it will let you know just where the bar is set, so that if you choose to do so, you can go beyond it.

Culture Question #2: What is the process for training new employees? How do you handle beginner's mistakes?

Asking this question will let you know just how much the organization invests in the advancement of its own employees. Are they focused on the individuals that make up the company or just overall performance? If you're met with an attitude that indicates mistakes are not accepted, evaluate how that might make you feel your first few months there.

Culture Question #3: In what ways does the company focus on team development?

Close work friendships, according to a Gallup poll, boost employees' satisfaction by 50% and those who have friends at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their job. So, make sure to ask about how the organization fosters such relationships.

Culture Question #4: What do you like about working here and what do you dislike?

The answers to this question can tell you a lot. Your interviewer might tell you that there's nothing they dislike. We both know that's a lie, and that might reflect a company that admits no faults. What they enjoy might not be considered a perk by you, but it's more insight than you'd have if you didn't ask.

Culture Question #5: How does this position support the company mission, goals, and projected success?

You'll quickly learn how the person interviewing you views your role in the company and whether or not they believe you will be a key player. This response will give you a clear idea of how your position is integrated into the company's success and the position's possibility for mobility.

Now that you're prepared, go get your dream job.