10 Common Traits of Successful Business Leaders


10 Common Traits of Successful Business Leaders


Be honest, who doesn’t want to be smarter than others? Do you consider yourself smarter than the average Joe? Obviously, we all want to become smarter and look for people that we can learn from. I've been fortunate enough to interact with many successful people from all walks of life, and of course I've been interested in delving into the common traits they share. So, how do you tell a truly intelligent person from the ones with overblown egos?

Here are the main 10 signs:

1. They don’t talk much. They recognize that only by listening to others can they acquire the information to grow and develop.

2. They're knowledgeable about a lot of things aside from their area of direct specialization. Since they are genuinely interested in other people and are good listeners, they learn a lot about various subjects.

3. They can juggle work, family, and personal interests, seemingly with ease. It also looks like they do all three 100% and don’t get tired maintaining the tricky balance.

4. They stay updated with what’s going on in the world. They look through news feeds of the social networks and news sites, they can sustain meaningful conversation about international affairs and internal politics.

5. They smile, even when their life is a mess. They trust that their brain will be able to find the solution no matter what.

6. They know that they could very well be the smartest person in the room, but they don’t waste their time trying to prove this fact to anyone. Instead, they focus on making someone else in the room a little smarter.

7. If they hold a management position, they will make sure that the people they work with are as smart or smarter than them – they understand that the governing principle of any successful enterprise is synergy. For this reason, they will make sure that their employees are constantly developing and don’t stagnate.

8. They have hidden talents that they don’t like to demonstrate unless it’s contextually appropriate. They don’t need to prove themselves to anyone.

9. You'll rarely hear about their education background. Whether they are from an ivy league background or attended a community college, they will not boast about their educational background.

10. They will never make a fool out of anyone. They learned the hard way that when you go out of your way to make a fool out of someone, they make a fool out of themselves.

Now you know the signs of intelligent people. As Steve Jobs – unshaved Buddhist in jeans – noted: The world around us is created by people who are not smarter than us. It’s in our power to change things, influence things, and create them.