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Jacob did not react well when his wife of sixteen years said she was leaving him. He became angry, irrational, and had no idea how to regulate his emotions. He lashed out at his estranged spouse whenever possible, even in front of his two young children. He made no effort to disguise his anger or disgust for her or her behavior. Although his children were a calming factor for him, he could ....

It is human nature to want to understand who we are, our purpose for living and our limitations as individuals. In our search for clarity, we find it somewhat comforting to be able to validate our strengths and weaknesses.

According to Myers-Briggs, we perceive things differently according to our personality therefore it stands to reason that we differ in what we perceive and in how w....

About Michelle Murray

Michelle Murray has spent her life trying to understand where she fits. Through her education, life experience and relationships, she has only begun to understand herself and others. She continues to learn many important lessons daily and wants to share what she has learned through her writing. From the time Michelle was young she was exposed to diverse relationships through familial relations, divorce and two marriages. Michelle’s fascination with relationships began innocently enough through the combination of life experience and her seemingly natural curiosity of individual personalities and social behaviours. As her life progressed she was able to apply this natural affinity for personal relationships to her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and her work in the social services industry. Michelle’s story is one of personal triumph over adversity and a deep need to find fulfillment in everything she does. With her diverse set of skills and her broad knowledge base, she has been able to successfully navigate through some remarkably difficult circumstances. Her writing now reflects her deep commitment to self-discovery. Michelle’s home base is in Alberta, Canada where she is currently working in the social services industry at Calgary Alpha House. There she helps to assist homeless people with addictions attain and maintain housing while they work on their specific mental health and addiction issues. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-murray-b-psch-8b112089/ Medium.com: https://medium.com/@chellemurray