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Every time a tragedy happens (and they happen all too often these days), it really reminds me to not take anything in life for granted. Those things you have today can easily be gone tomorrow. It is a harsh reality of the world we live in. What is an even harsher reality is knowing that my daughter will grow up in it.

When I was young, of course there were still dangers that existed. ....

I had a busy summer. I use “I” because many of my plans did not involve my wife, my child, or my dog. A bachelor party, a wedding, a guy’s weekend, I did them all this summer. The thing is, part of me felt guilty at first. Part of me thought I was being selfish for leaving my wife, daughter, and dog alone while I went out and had fun. The more I thought about it though, the mo....

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Matt is a married father of a 3-year old firecracker of a daughter, a newborn son, and the laziest, but most loving pug ever named Teddy. A recent transplant in Denver via Boston, he and his wife, Allison, are trying to navigate the waters of being new(ish) parents while immersing themselves in brand new surroundings, experiences, and adventures. As a family, they love to travel the world (yes, including their young children). Matt is a graduate of Fairfield University in CT and is an avid Boston Red Sox fan. He can be followed on Twitter at @MattyGaudreau and Instagram at "mattygaudreau".