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When my son was 11, and I was divorced, my girlfriend said to me, with exasperation, “Your son is out of control.” Soon after, I was without a girlfriend.  

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Marc Robinson works in animal rights law in California.His prevous work spans a number of fields. He began on a team of information architects who pioneered the simplification of brokerage and bank statements, account materials, utility bills, and other documents. He has been a partner in a NYC advertising/marketing agency, a 401(k) plan consultant, a financial education writer/consultant, and an entrepreneur. Marc created the first financial education programs for The Wall Street Journal and AARP, and founded the Latino Education Achievement Project (personal finance books translated into Spanish and sponsored by the Mexican government). He authored two coffee table books (for The WSJ’s 100th anniversary and NBC’s 75th anniversary), a children’s book about onomatoepia in different languages, and roughly 20 personal finance books that sold more than two million copies. Marc has been a featured speaker at national conferences and events for the retirement and payroll industries, and was appointed to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging. Also in 2005, Marc invented and founded the SaverNation program, the first employee benefit to allow people to earn cash back on purchases for their 401(k) plans. SaverNation was launched in 2012 and sold in 2014. Marc is licensed to practice law in New York. He is married to a superwoman, has two creatively gifted, inspiring children who no longer need college tuitions, and two wonderful rescue pups. He is also the black sheep of the family as the only one not in the entertainment industry.