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Africa is not a place for the weak. It is dangerous and unruly and poverty- stricken. The people make an average of $1.50 a day. It is a place where instinct defies logic. It must. It is survival. A tall white blonde woman from California has no business trying to fit into this way of life. But I was going to try to do just that.

I should have trusted my gut feeling immediately. The S....

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Chelsea began writing as a young girl. By the age of thirteen, she wrote seven books of which she passed around middle school. Her dream was to become a published writer. However, self-doubt quelled her ambitious nature and she stopped writing for 20 years. When tragedy struck close to home, she turned back to her dream as a way to cope with the anxiety that plagued her days. All of sudden, rejection letters turned into editor invitations. By taking a leap of faith and allowing herself to be vulnerable, a revival of her dream occurred. To view more of her writing go to 😊