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I often wonder why I won’t turn the light on. It’s easy for me to live in the dark. My make-up routine is darkened by curtains and lights that do not shine. My family often thought it was odd that I had memorized my facial features so that I wouldn’t require a light to put on make-up. My family often thought it was odd that I did almost everything in the dark.


No one bothered to call him, request his presence at the next meeting or appoint him a lawyer. That was not fair, was it? I had worked several cases before, but this was the first case I felt a sense of guilt. The workers before me had not noticed a man trying to turn things around while incarcerated. While incarcerated he had the chance to be sober - the chance to do his due diligence and come....

I was 15 when I spoke like a sailor to a man on the internet I had never seen before.

His pictures were gorgeous, in my eyes. His loyalty seemed perfect. I didn’t know. I was vulnerable.

I fell int....

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Social worker to-be, Isabelle, is pursuing her Master's in Social Work. She aims to educate on the importance of wellness through written word. She is also the founder and editor of HEAL(er) Mag - an online publication dedicated to sharing stories of healing. You can follow her on Twitter at @OrganicIz and Instagram @healermag_.