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The Painted Ladies Gallery reflects the many seasons of emotions experienced by the female gender. Each piece is intended for the audience to interpret the emotion. These women project strength, fierce, freedom, inner beauty, entrapment, fear, love, and self worth. My pieces are created subconsciously. I pour my emotions and my mind onto the canvas with each creation.&n....

I’ve lied awake
For days dreaming
Four days of day dreaming
About being awake

The most desirable things
Are deeply unseen
Yearning for the feeling
Until something else must intervene

I go left
You go right
I prefer day
You want night

Games are meant for the weak
Turning a piece won’t ....

Longing for freedom
I can feel it in my heart
Married to my ideas

That pulsate through my brain
I’ve tried and failed
My thoughts to rearrange

Looking forward to days with rain
Breathing in the dew drops
Leaves kissing the ground
Sticky cleanliness that surrounds

Trapped in a manmade web
Caged and fed

Your smile is like light
Light on my darkest day
Perfection at its best
Please don’t ever let it fade away

Sparkling eyes
They pull me in so close
Melt every bit of my soul
This is what I love the most

The touch of your hand
Sends chills all throughout
I breath faster
Driving me crazy without a doubt


I was walking down the boardwalk in my flip flops, bikini, and short next to nothing lace cover up. This attire is completely ideal since I was indulging in beach play with my 10-year-old son. Personally, I am happy with my body and I am in no way ashamed of it. So why did I feel shameful? Why did I immediately start to question if I was dressed appropriately to be walking around on the boardwa....

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Freelance writer of all sorts. Writing has been a passion of mine throughout my entire life. I freely express my experiences, thoughts and advice on all topics. I find myself wrapped up in a wide variety of arts. Writing, music, painting, and drawing are just a few of them. I believe that there is so much beauty all around us just waiting to be absorbed.