About Enigma Life

Enigma Life is a lifestyle website featuring articles, stories, tutorials, interviews, artwork, and more. We are a community designed to help each other through this puzzling journey we call life. Founder Olessia Kantor explains, “It feels like I’ve lived a thousand lives through all the things I’ve experienced, and talking to others made me realize I wasn’t alone. Enigma Life is for sharing experiences, from the everyday struggles of parenting and relationships to those truly life-changing moments that change your outlook on everything.”

Olessia had that moment when she survived a plane crash in the African jungle. In that instance, she saw the importance of family, the guidance and comfort she could find in art and literature, and the peace to move on and be her best self no matter where life might be taking her.

Enigma Life is about celebrating that every day of your life is a miracle, regardless of your struggles. With endless possibilities in your lifetime, how will your own adventure play out?


Olessia Kantor

Founder, Editor in Chief EnigmaLife.com

Olessia Kantor merged her professional training, vast life experience, and all of the experiences who have defined who she’s become, to offer people a unique approach to examining, enhancing, and improving every aspect of their lives.

The creator behind an approach called The Art of Personal Empowerment™, Olessia combines her affinity for storytelling, expertise in the arts, and her formulation of various meditative techniques (aimed at increasing consciousness) to introduce practical methods for defining and achieving one's potential.

Olessia developed, applied and refined her art of personal empowerment in response to the numerous challenges she’s faced throughout her life and her unwavering determination to find deep fulfillment in everything she does. Olessia’s story is not simply one of personal triumph, however, it reflects a deep commitment to sharing with others the tools she’s discovered, which when practiced and applied have a remarkable positive impact on the way we live our lives. Olessia also wrote a book, where she focuses on eternal values and the way she incorporated them in her life despite the obstacles she had to overcome on her way.

Olessia recently has taken a position of Menorah Exhibit curator at the Vatican Museum. It’s the first exposition done in collaboration with the Vatican Museum and Jewish Museum in Rome. It’s a truly breakthrough exhibition, aimed at drawing the bridge in between Judaism and Catholicism, using art as the binding component.

Olessia splits her time among Tel Aviv, Rome, and New York, using Israel as her home base.