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“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.”

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Enigma Life- PromotingArt is an art cluster that creates and disseminates ideas with the use of culture and all expressive forms. Every project originates from a strong shared vision to then be developed thanks to the collective work of each individual component, leading to a natural integration and synergy of a sole organism (system). Promoting Arts are part of the operational network of Enigma Life.

We use art to communicate to everybody. A mainstream activity for all.

In past centuries, technological progress has evolved faster than the human progress.

Thoughts and perceptions of mankind have remained relatively steady in comparison to the exponential growth in technology and the increase in possibilities and potentials.

A vast field of opportunities arises when reevaluating the relationship between human potential and its environment. We want to give our contribution to increasing the chances by using art as a tool to incubate, examine and disseminate new forms of relationships between us and our surroundings.

Mankind and art go way back, preceding civilization and somehow anticipating it. The first man who broke the logical chain of primitive thought, crossed for the first time the threshold of abstract thinking creating a change that has been evolving since then through time and space.

Today this change is, to a great extent, trapped in an eternal present: a dominant feature of our historical era. Art as a social product seems to suffer reality more than it is able to push it forward.

To contrast this, we focus our activity, skills and time to bring art into the spotlight of the incubation process for the development of new ideas in order to think outside the box.

EL-PromotingArt wants to describe reality in every form in which it occurs. Tell about the world, the human being, the environment that surrounds him, the pure aesthetic, the social changes, the potentials, the weaknesses, the past and the future.

In this path is fundamental to enhance the Artists’ human activity as Storytellers of realities in order to write a possible future through the vision of all untapped potential of what the Human Being represents today, offering a more advanced relationship between man and his perception of Truth.

The network that vivifies this initiative has its own roots in the US and arrives in the Middle East through Europe and Italy, an expanding organization which meant to include every culture and country.

The goal is to sensitize to increase human knowledge and awareness, as a fundamental step to individual and collective evolution, under the vision of Olessia Kantor.