Women of Rome

100R(W)OME(N) is a photographic project by Jacopo Brogioni for the Italian Enciclopedia Institute founded by Giovanni Treccani. A project where the story of Rome is told through a singular perspective: women's. The entire work will be exposed in autumn of 2017. A series of images and words to tell the story of 100 Women of Rome. Photographing Rome is intimidating, it is inevitable for what it represents. Perhaps it does not intimidate those who are unaware of what this city actually is, those who do not perceive it. Rome cannot be understood, that is why it is perceived. This city is truly different from any other. It has lived its historical development in a unique and original way and it is probably the most interpreted and represented. The risk faced by anyone trying to showcase Rome, is to tone down its true beauty. Way too common are in fact its postcard-like stereotypical depictions. On the extreme opposite end, one can find the masterpieces of those who have portrayed Rome as a real character of their tales. Fellini, Pasolini and the more recent Sorrentino, just to name a few. Fragments of the city's soul have been captured through their works, they did not merely limit themselves in using the city as a set but they flawlessly reinterpreted the relationship between the subject and its surroundings. Through which perspective could it therefore be told? The first answer we gave ourselves was to abandon the familiar vision that we are far too accustomed to, thus trying to observe from above. From this new perspective one perceives far less of the Baroque masterpieces standing out against the imperial antiques. Yet, still having the possibility to firmly grasp the immense movements of the city. Millions of men and women crossing paths and the manifestation of billions of small actions. An authentic living creature that breathes and moves thanks to a vast ramification of actions that animate it. A unique alternation of coordination and chaos. The aim has become to depict what Rome is today through what brings it to life, that is, the human activities that compose it. Behind every human action there are goals, intentions, dreams and fears. Aiming to represent who enlivens the city, telling their stories and their relationship with Rome. Rome is the city where the eternal and the present are evanescent, it is hard to draw a line between one and the other. It has cultivated civilization for how we know it today, it has created the same rules of social organisation, of art, of language, all the way to the most intimate relation between human beings. From the first modern impression of love to the more spiritual development of the universal religion, applied throughout history until today. Rome has lived a full life of contradictions and opposing ideas. A place where metaphysics and rationality have walked hand in hand for 28 centuries; mother of our times. It is precisely this motherly figure of Rome that lead to the next step; the choice of women as the representative storytellers of the Eternal City. Diving into this project, both as a spectator and as an artist, means starting a journey without knowing the destination. With the same curiosity and liberty of the artist, intrigued to find out, day by day, new stories and new identities of this city. Portraying the women of Rome through the places they live and work in. An adventure through the neighbourhoods, the diverse social conditions and the disparate relations with this city. Distinguishing features represented in different places where human actions take place in diverse moments of the day. Far too often one is likely to trivialise female activities through stereotypes. 100R(W)OME(N) aims in tracing a journey to experience and learn about Rome through women and women through Rome. Without judgment and without a moral to defend or show off, 100R(W)OME(N) objective is not that of denouncing what is wrong or celebrating what is right, this project wants to depict the factors that move Rome, presenting them for what they are. Who steals, who invests, who cleans the city, who takes care of the community, who betters the environment - sharing and representing their story. In this story, nothing is given more importance than another. What matters the most is the result that will summarise all these daily actions. Each human activity has its function that acknowledges a need, noble or ignoble it may be. Revealing what exists to be able to describe the contemporary Rome.